We Try Cases

If your case does not get settled before trial, we will try your case!

We Try Cases
Most people are under the impression that every time they have a claim, their claim will ultimately end up before a judge and jury. If this were the case, claims that do get before a judge and jury would probably take ten or more years to do so! Despite what you read in the paper, most cases of all types, are settled with the other party long before there is any thought of taking the case to trial.

Q Auto & Injury Attorneys focus on claims made by our clients against the individual who caused the accident (defendant), or more specifically, their insurance company. This is true whether the claim be the result of an auto accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, etc. Strangely, in Florida, should we get to trial with a client's claim, we are not allowed to mention the word "insurance". In fact, should someone in the courtroom mention that the person who caused the accident is covered by insurance, the case will be immediately tossed out and the whole process will have to start over again. This, despite the fact the lawyer defending the person who caused the accident, is either employed by the defendant's insurance company or is being paid for by the insurance company.

Most of our clients are surprised to hear that there is a 90% chance their case will be settled with the insurance company and that it will not be necessary to proceed to a trial. Additionally, even though approximately 10% of our cases are "filed", meaning we have initiated the process ultimately leading to trial, those cases are often settled at mediation.

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