Q Tips – Minor Property Damage

Q-Tips from Leonard A. McCue
Q Tips - Minor Property Damage
A daily question we hear in my office is regarding damage to a person’s automobile from an auto accident. Clients worry the insurance company will not repair their car to the same condition it was prior to the accident. This is of special concern when the client is driving a fairly new car. I usually have to discuss with them the whole procedure of how to handle the property damage claim.

If the damage is minor, the value determined by the insurance company is often less than the estimate from the local body shop or dealer, and the insurance company does not want to pay the difference.

I usually suggest the client take a very strong position with the insurance company and insist the repairs be done in such a way that the car does not appear to have ever been damaged; additionally, the client should insist that the insurance company pay all the cost of repair regardless of their estimate.

When there is damage to an auto that has been purchased within the last four years, I recommend it should be repaired at the dealership where the auto was purchased, or a local respected body shop. The dealer or body shop should argue vehemently for the best work to be performed to the auto regardless of the amount the insurance company might be first willing to pay.

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