Q Tips – Motorcyclists

Q-Tips from Leonard A. McCue
Q Tips - Motorcyclists
Did you know the $10,000.00 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage you have on your auto policy to cover medical bills does not apply if you are injured while riding a motorcycle? You should also know that a motorcycle, under Florida law, is not required to have ANY insurance! That doesn’t mean you can’t buy insurance to protect yourself from negligent drivers while riding your motorcycle. Not only can you buy insurance to protect yourself, but you are crazy if you don’t!
Riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous, but riding one in Florida seems to be an especially dangerous activity. No, I am not going to get into the reasons why, but anyone who rides in Florida knows what I am talking about. You can’t buy PIP for a motorcycle, but you can load up on “Medical Payment” coverage (MED PAY) and you can buy any amount of UNINSURED/UNDERINSURED motorist coverage you wish to carry.
Please note: The law constantly changes, and you can't be 100% confident in the information provided above,
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