Q Tips – Medical Malpractice – Do I Have A Claim?

Q-Tips from Leonard A. McCue
Q Tips - Medical Malpractice
Believe it or not, in Florida, bad doctors are protected more than the victims of their mistakes! Florida laws make it almost impossible to successfully sue medical providers for even the most severely injured individuals. Even more tragically, families of patients who have died as a result of medical negligence are often unable to recover anything under our unfair medical malpractice system. If an individual has died as a result of medical negligence, the law requires that person have a spouse or have a child under the age of 25. If this requirement is not met, there can be absolutely no claim for damages even if it is clear the provider committed medical negligence!

If you have survived the injury caused by malpractice, before any action can be brought, it is necessary for you to have suffered a significant, consequential, and permanent injury. The process of pursuing these claims is difficult.

Many law firms refuse to handle medical malpractice claims knowing these claims are expensive and the process involved is very complex. Medical records have to be acquired and experts hired to review these records. Then, there is a complicated formal process of notifying the medical provider before any lawsuit can be filed. After review, it often becomes necessary to drop the claim, even after the law firm has already spent thousands of dollars. This is the reason many law firms will not accept medical malpractice claims.

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