Properly Documenting Your Injuries

Please note: The law constantly changes, and you can’t be 100% confident in the information provided.
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If you’re injured in a car crash, you NEED to document your injuries. An insurance company does not have to pay for injuries if you cannot prove you have them. In fact, if a doctor doesn’t diagnose you with a permanent impairment rating, an insurance company won’t even consider offering money for future medical treatment (because they argue it isn’t reasonably necessary) and WILL NOT be required to consider your pain and suffering (because the law in Florida says so).

So how do you properly document your injuries? Tell your doctor about any new aches, pains, stiffness, soreness, discomfort, or emotional issues you’ve felt since the crash and follow your doctor’s orders! By following doctor’s orders, you’re showing the insurance company that you are doing everything possible to try to get better, but it still isn’t working! You can’t simply treat for a month, get an MRI done, and stop treating because “the MRI shows a problem.”

It doesn’t work that way in Florida. You have to have a doctor diagnose you with a permanent impairment, and even then that may not be enough for the insurance company.

Remember, insurance companies are a business, and like any business, they are out to make a profit, not to give you money! They may ultimately force you into a lawsuit because they would rather pay legal fees to take the risk a jury will rule in their favor than to pay out willingly. This is why it is so important to hire an attorney early to ensure you are getting the proper medical attention and so the insurance company knows you are ready to sue if necessary. Insurance companies do not take unrepresented victims seriously!

Please note: The law constantly changes, and you can’t be 100% confident in the information provided.
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