Q Tips – Communication

Q-Tips from Leonard A. McCue
Q Tips - Communication
You’ve hired an attorney and are seeing a doctor for your injuries. Besides following doctor’s orders, what’s the most important thing you can do? Communicate! Don’t meekly tell the doctor you’re “feeling fine” when you actually had a stiff neck this morning. You might “feel fine” while in the doctor’s office, but what about the day before when you bent over to pick something off the floor and felt a sharp pain? What about the time you tried to reach for a bowl on a high shelf and your shoulder stiffened up? What about that slight anxiety fueled hesitation you have before getting into your car? Don’t leave anything out when speaking to your doctor, even if it seems minor.
You never know what minor detail is needed for the doctor to properly diagnose you or refer you to a specialist.

As for your attorney, communicate with him or her as well. Let your attorney know when your next appointment with the doctor is so records can be properly updated. Let your attorney know if you’re going to see another doctor so there aren’t surprise outstanding bills at the end of your case. Most importantly, let your attorney know if you’re moving or if your phone number is changing! Your attorney cannot communicate with you if they cannot reach you!

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