Q Motorsports

Welcome to the Q Motorsports webpage. Q Motorsports is a group comprised of friends, family and colleagues who enjoy the camaraderie of the car culture and racing community. We participate in various automotive activities including sports car, vintage and stock car racing, along with attending car shows and related community events. Below is a collection of photos and captions from some of the many events we have experienced over the years.

Q Motorsports Family Student Racer Scholarship Program

The University of South Florida (USF) and the Q Motorsports Family together offer undergraduate scholarships to degree-seeking students attending USF with a preference for students majoring in Engineering. The Q Motorsports Family is sponsored by the law firm of Q Auto & Injury Attorneys, Leonard and Barbara McCue, plus a number of other donors. This scholarship is available to students who have an interest in motorsports racing. For information regarding this scholarship click here.

2020-2021 Winners


I have always wanted to pursue mechanical engineering given my love of math coupled with my interest in NASCAR and Formula 1. In college, I joined SAE [Society of Automotive Engineers] to pursue a job in the automotive industry. As a result of the loss of a loved one, I have started a charitable foundation (Logan’s Love) and decided I would create a career path for the benefit of others. Research and science provided such a path. After transferring to USF, I took Dr. Wang’s materials class, and he assigned a research proposal paper. I had never read an article from a scientific journal, but the subject of Si Nanowires for battery cathodes piqued my inquisitive mind. After hours, I sought out Dr. Wang’s counsel and he invited me to join his research group, and happily, I have been under Dr. Wang’s tutelage ever since. Despite difficult obstacles, my desire to change the world through engineering was possible thanks to my undergrad experience, the opportunity to perform research with Dr. Wang, and the wonderful people at Q Motorsports!


Going to college, I knew what I wanted. I am good in math and science leading me into mechanical engineering. I have always made it a goal to be the top student in my math classes. Choosing mechanical engineering was a major decision; it is one of the most difficult degrees. My dad, an engineer, inspired me to be one. It has enabled me to be skillful at knowing how to manage my time and has made me a more disciplined student. I cannot imagine myself having any other degree. I hope to receive a master’s in biomedical engineering. Since I was very young, I wanted to make a difference in this world. Being in a career where I can make an impact to help people is my ultimate goal. I have been interested in the medical field either involving prosthetics or cancer research or getting a job in a technical field where I can assist with environmental improvements and energy conservation. I know that a mechanical engineering degree from USF will be invaluable.


Jordane is a sophomore at USF and is majoring in Computer Engineering. He is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and is preparing for its yearly competitions. He enjoys working on personal electrical projects and doing mechatronic research and focusing on electrical and mechanical engineering. Jordane’s goals include mechatronic controls and computer vision research. He hopes to continue his interest in physics, mathematics, teaching/tutoring, and music composition.

The 4th Annual Rick Sirmans Tribute Race

Saturday, January 30th, 2021 at Showtime Speedway, Pinellas Park, Florida

Q Motorsports takes part in the Rick Sirmans Tribute Race. Rick was a well-loved racer and the first driver to be sponsored by the Q Motorsports family. To Q, losing Rick was like losing a member of his own family. Q Motorsports was glad to be able to be out there helping pay tribute to such a wonderful person.

Kim Sirmans presents the winner of the 4th Annual Rick Sirmans Memorial Race, Michael Hinde, 16 years old, with the Q Championship ring.

Photo Credit: Michael Formica @ MRF PHOTO IMAGES

Larry’s Car Show

Every Thursday from 4-8pm

10400 49th St. N
Clearwater FL 33762

Q Motorsports
Racing, Shows and Events

Q Motorsports
Racing team

Q Race Team Drivers & Crew Members
Attorney Leonard “Q” McCue’s pure stock race car, DeSoto Super Speedway.
James Glover AACS late model race car, DeSoto Super Speedway.
Robert “Showtime” Yoho, AACS Super Late Model race car, DeSoto Super Speedway.

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