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What is litigation? Litigation is the process leading up to trial. If your case cannot get settled during the negotiations stage, it may end up in litigation. This includes the filing of the lawsuit, responding to interrogatories, conducting depositions, hiring experts, mediation, and much more.


The reality is, neither side is ever certain how a trial will end. The facts may seem to line up in your favor. HOWEVER, depending on who is sitting on the jury, the results may surprise you! Members of the jury may believe the opposing side’s witnesses or experts more and decided to give you nothing despite the injuries you have sustained. This is why it is usually better to resolve your case during litigation, where you have the decision-making power and you can control the outcome.
The litigation process takes the surprise out of trial. Litigation begins after a lawsuit is filed. Both parties then submit interrogatories to each other. Interrogatories are written questions to be answered by each party. Interrogatories are the first step in the “discovery phase” because the questions will usually lead each party towards facts that can help their case. In addition to interrogatories, there are depositions. A deposition is where an attorney, in the presence of a court reporter, asks questions to another person who has been placed under oath. The person being questioned can be the opposing party, witnesses, experts, or anyone else who is planned on being called on at trial to testify. The questions asked can be broad, and the answers provided during a deposition can be used at trial if necessary.
Trial is like what you see in the movies, but usually not as dramatic. Each party will have an opportunity to present an opening statement; each party will have the opportunity to call witnesses and present evidence; each party will have the opportunity to present closing statements. Unlike television, there are very few surprises in trial thanks to the litigation process. All information is already shared between the parties during litigation. You cannot withhold a piece of evidence to use it as the ace up your sleeve at trial, nor can you withhold a witness in order to dramatically call them as a surprise witness at trial. Discovery is about fairness, so each side must have an opportunity to review the evidence or question a witness before trial.

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