Distracted Drivers in Florida

by | Nov 10, 2021

A recent study by State Farm shows 9 out of 10 people (89%) admit to driving while using a smartphone! It is now the norm to be a distracted driver, and that’s scary! There once was a time when talking on a cell phone while driving was considered taboo. Now people are comfortable checking email, Facebook, texts, reading news, watching Netflix, etc.

What’s even more interesting is the State Farm study shows the people more prone to driving while distracted tend to be the people who have more safety features in their vehicle. This false sense of security makes drivers think if something sudden were to happen in front of them, their car would help them avoid a crash. This is simply not the case! While vehicles have gotten smarter, there is still no truly self-driving solution out there.

The only way to truly be safe is to pay attention and have full control over your own vehicle. Don’t assume the vehicle camera will see everything. Don’t assume the sudden-brake warning will catch your attention in time. Drive as if everyone else is distracted, because that’s the ugly reality.

Unfortunately, with so many distracted drivers on the road, even if you take every precaution necessary, sometimes a crash just cannot be avoided. The distracted driver slamming into the rear of your vehicle is not something you can prevent. The driver who doesn’t see the stop sign because he’s watching a TikTok video isn’t something you can prevent either when he t-bones you in the intersection. Hopefully you’ll never find yourself in these situations, but if you do, and you’re injured, call us! We can help! 1-800-332-1992. Get a Free Consultation Here


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