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Q Auto & Injury Attorneys
Q Auto & Injury Attorneys, Leonard A. McCue, P.A. celebrates over 30 years of practicing law in Florida. The law firm was founded by Attorney Leonard A. McCue as a firm that only represents clients who have been negligently injured or killed.

Our areas of practice include: Auto and Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Crashes, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse, Defective Products, Boating and Jet Ski Accidents and more.

For most people, the legal system can be burdensome, frightening and confusing. We remove that burden from the client and process their claim through the legal system in the most efficient manner possible. At the first meeting, the case is discussed and the options are explained for FREE. If an office visit is not possible, a representative from the law firm visits the client in the hospital or at home.

If you have questions about a legal matter, call us now.

Let's get started – contact us now: 1-800-332-1992

Your first meeting is FREE.
We'll discuss your legal options and answer your questions.
Q Auto & Injury Attorneys will monitor your medical care through your recovery.
Our attorneys will keep you informed regarding the progress of your case.
Often clients are not aware of the benefits available to them. They will be fully explained by the law firm representative. The law firm will pursue the client's legal rights. Should a settlement or judgment be received, the following may be included: Wage Loss, Medical Expenses (bills for the ambulance, doctors, hospitals or others), Property Damages and a cash award for Pain & Suffering.

The law firm also monitors the client's medical care. The Attorneys and staff are deeply concerned about the client's recovery. The progress of the case is communicated to the client on a regular basis. Our trained staff at Q Auto & Injury Attorneys is committed to helping clients through the difficult period following an injury.

Our experienced staff is available to answer your legal questions.

Q Video Series – How Do I Find The Right Lawyer?

How Do I Find The Right Lawyer?
(Q Law Episode 37)

To view more episodes about Finding The Right Lawyer and other legal topics, click here to visit our YouTube channel. Our video series covers many popular topics and common legal matters. Each topic is presented by one of our Q Auto & Injury Attorneys.

Our Attorneys and Legal Staff

Q Legal StaffLawyers from Q Auto & Injury Attorneys gathered here include (left to right): Edward Izquierdo, Leonard McCue, Sandra Bucha and Derek Reams. Visit Our Associates page here on our website to learn more about each attorney, their backgrounds and specialties. Call our office with any questions: (941) 748-1358.
Q Staff-1The Q Auto & Injury Attorneys staff is pictured here on a recent visit to the South Florida Museum in downtown Bradenton, Florida. Our group had an enjoyable afternoon touring the museum, observing the manatees in the museum's unique aquarium, and learning more about the area's history from the featured exhibits.
Q Salvation Army DonationsOur attorneys and staff donate food to the Salvation Army to help those in need have a proper Thanksgiving! They are joined by Salvation Army representatives Kelly French (Director of Community Relations & Development), Tom Giglio (Kitchen Manager), and Lieutenant Mike Chamberlain.